Symphony Pops Conductor Victor Vanacore provides your audience and your orchestra with a unique and memorable experience.

His superlative performance includes original arrangements, top-notch piano performance and a stage presence that is sure to please. Few symphonic pops conductors these days can provide you with such a complete package.

Horst Stein, Robert Opratkow and
Victor Vanacore with the
Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

As an opening act or featured performer his arrangements reflect his understanding of all a symphonic pops concert should be. Mr. Vanacore comes self-contained with his music in books saving you rental costs and librarian hours.

In addition to his ever growing list of popular music and songbooks from around the world Victor Vanacore can and will conduct literature from your own symphonic library or rental compositions that may be appropriate for your concert.

Should you desire, you may commission a composition from Victor Vanacore for your orchestra based on your own needs. What better way to start a pops season?

Whether you are engaging Victor Vanacore for a single concert, a series of concerts or in a permanent position as Symphony Pops Conductor with your organization you can depend on: efficient rehearsals: rapport with administration, audience, and orchestra alike: and the first class presentation that you deserve.

Victor Vanacore is fluent in English, Italian, and Spanish.

In the words of Ray Charles….."Victor Vanacore? He's my man"


VIctor Vanacore At The Hollywood Bowl